5th Generation melon grower. My great great grandad John C. Brown grew started growing melons when he bought a sand farm in 1876. His son John L. Brown expanded the melon farm and developed the now world famous John Brown watermelon. His melon is extremely sweet and crisp and had some resistance to what they called blight at the time.My grandfather Lawrence A. Brown was one of the first growers in the midwest to grow seedless melons and my dad Lawrence R. Brown continued the tradition of only growing the sweetest melons. I have built on this solid foudation to grow what many feel are the best tasting melons in the world.Try one for yourself!

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I have watermelon,cantaloupe and sweet corn at the first of July and continue into oct. with a late patch. Ionly grow the melons that taste the best as opposed to the ones that produce the most[as you see in chain stores]. i take huge pride in how i pick my melons if they are not extra sweet they stay in the patch. In Oct. I have all all forms of pumpkins,goards,squash,indian corn,straw ect ect. The 2010 crop is looking great but will not be ripe until after the 4th. I only sell melons i grow.

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We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a wk. with a sales person during daylight hours. We have the WE TRUST YOU PUT MONEY IN BOX system when no sales person is there.

1011 East Main St. Carmi Il.

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coming from the east coast to southern illinois 7 years straight for my vacation i stumbled upon the best kept secret in illinois .i probally will not make it back again but the past 2 years i flew to louisville then drove the rest of the way and brought melons back on my flights .... [more]

Just moved here from TN. These are definitely the best watermelons I've ever eaten. I've been taking them back to Memphis with me to give to friends.

I have always loved Watermelons since I was a kid. I remember eating them on my grandma's back porch. Fun, Fun! As I grew older I got indigestion every time I ate watermelons.... [more]

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