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John's Chickens / Sara's Pigs (Stierly Farm) is located in the countryside between Addison, NY and Elkland, PA. John is an 12 year old 4H member who started with 30 hens and a few dozen "meat birds" (Cornish X Rocks) in 2009, and word of mouth about his pastured poultry products has created an unexpected but very pleasant demand for the poultry products (and now pork as well) he (and the whole family) raises and sells. With the help of his mom, dad, and sisters (Sara and Kylene), we will raise over 1000 Cornish Cross broilers / roasters, 400+ turkeys, and sell thousands of dozen eggs this year. This once-4H project has morphed into something bigger than we had ever expected - our farm and food business has grown into a full-blown clean, local food, family farm venture.

Our birds are housed in hand-made "hoop houses" that we build here on the farm, which are moved to fresh pasture every couple of days. We practice rotational grazing.

Our birds are all out on pasture. We feed conventional, locally produced, fresh, non-medicated feed. Attention to cleanliness is paramount.

Our birds are processed at a NY State Licensed and Inspected poultry processing facility. We offer differet cuts (whole chicken, halves, breasts, thigh and leg packs, etc.). The products are available in freezer bags, heavy freezer bags, or vacuum packed. We have product availability year around. We have expanded into boneless skinless turkey breasts, as well as ground turkey (turkeyburger).

Along with the meat birds, we also sell white and brown eggs. (That little flock of 30 layers now stands at 300+ laying hens, and still growing!)

Our pastured pork program has grown from a base of 6 feeder pigs to the point we will breed, raise, and process 200+ pigs in 2014. Like our chickens and turkeys, our pigs spend their whole life on pasture, in portable hoop houses. They are fed locally-grown grains, free of medications and synthetic hormones.

We sell pork by the 1/4, 1/2, whole pigs, and USDA inspected individual cuts. The most economical way to buy is the 1/4, 1/2, or whole - all custom processed and vacuum packed to your specifications - or, we are happy to offer USDA inspected individual cuts as well.

A spin-off from our pork business is John's keen interest in breeding, showing, and selling competitive show pigs. He is fast earning a reputation for breeding top of the line genetics not only for competitive show pigs, but also to provide a solid base-breeding stock for our butcher pigs here on the farm. Our pork is some of the leanest you can buy...thanks to exceptional genetics that John breeds into his pigs. (All the kids compete with their show pigs at the local level....they will be taking pigs to national shows this year as well - like the NJSA Summer Spectacular Junior Swine show in Louisville, KY this July, the NY State Fair, and the NJSA Eastern Regional show in Hamburg, NY this fall.)

Our CSA (community Supported Agriculture) program provides opportunities to "lock-in" shares of eggs, pork, chicken, and turkey products - with free deliver weekly to your front door. Want a dozen eggs, a pack of pork chops, and a chicken this week? No problem, we cater to your needs always.

Our delivery area keeps expanding - we pride ourselves on making it easy for you to do business with us. We deliver weekly to the areas including Avoca, Bath, BRadford, Beaver Dams, Erwin, Addison, Painted Post, Corning, Horseheads, Big Flats, Elmira, Watkins Glen, Montour Falls, Ithaca, and Binghamton.

Our customers are those who prefer locally grown, clean, fresh food that is affordable and is not subject to chemicals and antibiotics, and a little less expensive than Certified Organic products. We always monitor local market demand for Certified Organic products, and will pursue that along with our current practices if the market demand warrants. (You will find that most of our practices follow organic production guidelines, as well as humanely raised guidelines).

We believe in a good working relationship between the farmer (us) and the customer (you). We do farm tours and love visitors! (We do ask, however, that you contact us to set up a visit. As a working farm, we are usually always pretty busy with all the activities here - so we want to make sure we can schedule a time and focus on you!)

We look forward to the opportunity to share our good, clean, local food with you. Drop us a line today!


Listing last updated on Jan 26, 2014

John's Chickens / Sara's Pigs (Stierly Farm) is a family farm located in the hills of Tuscarora Township, outside of Addison, NY. We raise and market locally grown, clean, humanely raised pork, chicken, eggs, and turkey products. We provide free weekly delivery to most areas of the southern tier, from Avoca to Binghamton. Please read our complete bio on this site for the whole story!

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2009

Full Share:  From $39 / 13 weeks for eggs. Pork and Poultry vary.

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Corning Winter Farmers Market - Market Street - Corning, NY. 2nd and 3rd Saturdays.

We encourage interest / discussions from restaraunts who would like to serve our products!

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