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John's Custom Meats, LLC provides local top quality beef and pork products. From USDA Prime grade and USDA Choice grade Kentucky Grown and Kentucky Processed beef roasts and steaks to good 'ole country pork sausage, we'll have a range of assortments. Our custom processing business has been in operation in Warren County for 17 years. John Rediess has over 40+ years in the livestock slaughter/processing industry. He grew up in the business with his father, who passed the trade on to him. We are also beef cattle producers. We have built a new USDA INSPECTED meat slaughter / processing / retail / wholesale facility. Our facility completed the majority of its construction phases in May of 2007. We are currently providing slaughter/processing services under our normal "custom exempt" to local farmers in the area as well as USDA Inspection services, allowing local farmers to direct market their meats at farmer's markets or restaurants, etc...

Thanks to all who joined us during our "GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION"! It was quite a day. I never expected such a turn out and appreciate all who joined us. I hope you were pleased with the freshness and superb quality of our Kentucy small family farm raised and processed meats. We are very proud of our acomplishments and thank you all for your support.

Our facility is located on the Warren/Barren County lines. These two counties are the largest beef producing counties east of the Mississippi River. It is our belief that our farmers are some of the best in the US. Our, current customer base for custom services already include producers from Warren, Barren, Edmonson, Allen, and even Hart and some Grayson County farmers. We have the beef and swine producing potential. We want to create a market for them, under our brand (our beef production farm included), to add value to their farming productions. We want them to be able to fatten their livestock for consumption. Our logo is simple..."Home Grown...Farm Fresh!"

We offer consumers Kentucky born and raised, fed and processed, local beef and pork retail cuts, etc... I believe that bears repeating...Kentucky Born, Kentucky Raised, Kentucky Fed, Kentucky Slaughter & Processed, direct from the farm to the consumers' dinner table. It just doen't get more fresh than that! Our new USDA facility has the capacity and John has the meat production experience and know-how to make this possible. We also have our own small beef cattle farm on which we have been fattening cattle for the Grand Opening. This cattle farm was the basis for our beginnings.

We have had great response in the community and in neighboring Bowling Green, Brownsville, Park City, and Glasgow cities. The buzz is more than I could have hoped for. Consumers are excited about buying local. We can provide a one stop shop, eliminating the shipping of calves out west to be fed, slaughtered, processed, repackaged, and then reshipped back to the community retail chains. It just makes since and consumers are energized. With that said, this is a large undertaking.

Community Support is needed. We believe that this will not only provide consumers safer meat products, but will also provide some much needed rural job opportunities, and will boost farm revenues that were lost from tobacco production. We also raised tobacco and were affected by the tobacco bust. Most of our neighboring farming families were affected, as well. We have established relationships with these local farms and believe in their farming skills and reputations.

Buy local! Buy Fresh! Choose Kentucky Grown Beef & Pork Products!


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"Home Grown...Farm Fresh!"

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