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All Organic Soaked/Sprouted/Dried flours, nuts, seeds and soaked oatmeal cereals, prepared using Traditional Preparation Methods according the Weston A. Price recommendations!

Sprouted FLOURS are produced with patience over three days. You can smell the toasty aroma of the sprouted and dried berries ~ very delicious and highly nutritious!

Pre-SOAKED oatmeal cereals are super YUMMY to adults and children alike! Ready to eat or Ready to cook. Serve in a bowl covered with milk, cook for a quick delicious hot meal or add to yogurt or ice cream. Any way you serve it, you are sure to enjoy the taste and health benefits of soaked and dried TRADITIONAL foods.

CRISPY nuts are a little salty and VERY crispy ~ you'll go nuts over our nuts! Use them in your favorite recipes or eat them right out of the bag. This convenient good-for-you food is made great-for-you by soaking and drying.

Soaked and Dried Seeds are a tasty treat anytime. Lightly salted Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds are sure to satisfy your craving for crunch!

Grass-fed lamb meat, available in the fall and in limited quantities. It's worth the wait, reserve your spot on the waiting list today!

Versatile Shetland Sheep wool available as unwashed fiber, washed fiber or roving, and finished pelts in many natural colors! We also offer hand felted little "JoshEWEa" sheep.

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Listing last updated on Jan 17, 2011

Only organic and all-natural ingredients are used in our Sprouted Grain Flours, Soaked & Dried nuts and seeds and our delicious, unique pre-soaked oatmeal cereals. All products are prepared using the traditional methods suggested by the Weston A. Price foundation! Also available seasonally: Grass-lamb meat and roasting chickens. Visit us on the web for pricing and ordering information.

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