Jubilee Mini Farm

We are a small family run operation. We raise meat chickens and have them processed at a licensed facility. We also raise a handful of Turkeys each year that are available for sale. All of our meat is raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. We have a small strawberry field that we allow people to come pick from. Farm Fresh eggs are almost always available. We raise Holland Lop and English Angora Rabbits in our small rabbitry for pets and 4H.

Turkey ordering for 2011 is upon us all reservations must be made by Jan 3rd of 2011 and will run $4 per pound and will require a deposit of 1/2 the price of finished weight you desire per bird.

The strawberries that we sell and any extra produce are not sprayed unless it means we would lose our entire crop. We have never had to spray our strawberries as of yet.

We do not have large volumes available but we are trying to add more as we go.

If intested in meat birds we need to know by May 15 each year in order to get one last order in.


Listing last updated on Mar 27, 2011

Jubilee Mini Farm is Family owned and operated in the Marion/McBain area. We offer a small variety of items for purchase. We are growing a little more each year. English Angora Rabbits, Holland Lop Rabbits, chickens, eggs, turkeys and strawberries are some of the items we have available. Turkey orders need to be in by January 3rd of 2011 we will be charging $4 per pound minimum depending on commodity prices. Broilers , Cornish and Turkeys. We will be trying our hand at some sheep as well.

Schedule and Location:

We are home by appointment almost all days. We try to leave Sunday free from selling but will consider if nothing else works.

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