We are a new farm here in SW Missouri. We are currently milking our small herd of dairy goats and are offering raw goat milk. We are a grass based farm and our goats have plenty of pasture to eat from. We are currently setting up our pastured beef system. We are working hard to maintain a grass only feed for our stock. Careful rotation as well as renovation of our pastures is paying off. We are now selling grass fed and finished beef by the quarter. Our cows are only fed pasture, hay we cut on our farm that is not sprayed with any chemicals, and loose minerals with no medication or animal products. You could come visit our operation any time or check out our website. We are trying our hand at some pasture raised broiler chickens for a few select customers. We are also going to be raising free range heritage breed turkeys this year so should have some available for Thanksgiving. We have a flock of free range chickens that do get locked in their coops at night. We keep them in movable chicken coops. We collect eggs daily brush them clean and refrigerate them immediately.


Listing last updated on Mar 5, 2013

We believe in a natural lifestyle and believe all animals should be treated as humanely as possible. Buy local is something we strive for- if we can't grow it here we try to find it locally. We love going to farmers markets to find new items and support other local farmers. If you don't buy from us please buy from another local farmer.

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