Butchery Workshop

Deck Family Farm - Junction City, Oregon

We will be hosting an all day event in which a catered lunch and refreshments will be provided. We will be demonstrating how to slaughter, butcher, and package a hog, and you will leave with your share of the meat. This event has a limited enrollment of twelve participants, so please sign up well in advance. To sign up please contact Tenzin at Deck Family Farm 541.998.4697 or by email: info@deckfamilyfarm.com

The workshop will cover:

~ Farm tour and orientation ~ On site slaughter, discussing concerns and precautionary measures ~ Skinning, eviscerating, hanging and chilling of the carcass ~ Breaking a carcass down into primal sections ~ Catered lunch by Brad Burnheimer, of Burnheimer Meat Co. ~ Cutting primals into chops, roasts, steaks and trimmings ~ Wrapping and freezing the cuts for storage ~ A discussion on curing, salting, smoking and preparing techniques ~ Take your share of the hog home with you to enjoy

Price: $350/student

Location: Deck Family Farm, 10 miles west of Junction City, OR on High Pass Rd.

Date: Sep 1, 2012
Organized by:Deck Family Farm
Address: 25362 High Pass Road
Junction City, OR 97448
Email: Email Us