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Sustainable agriculture does not use non-natural fertilizers or pesticides. We believe in mechanical weeding and pulling weeds with our hands or use of our hoe instead of using herbicides. At Juniper Jungle, we fertilize with manure from a local non-profit horse rescue called Equine Outreach; we compost and till it into the soil for our crops.

We spend great energy focusing on soil enrichment because, like any farmer in our area, we grow in a high desert climate that doesn't provide an annual amount of foliar debris to sustain a balanced and productive soil. We are taking many steps to improve the growing environment as responsible land stewards, some of which we've listed here: adding plant debris and nutrients through compost, use of mulch to control water and nutrient evaporation out of the soil, use of nitrogen fixing crops, efficient water management, and animal grazing rotations.

We believe in the saying "healthy plants make healthy people," so we focus on choosing heirloom varieties of vegetables for added taste and health benefits. Heirlooms are varieties of plants that have been chosen and bred by natural means by farmers and horticulturist over generations for the consumers and farmers benefit. Juniper Jungle stands firmly against the use of Genetically Modified seed.

Juniper Jungle Farm grows dozens of types and hundreds of varieties of vegetables, herbs, and berries.

Free Range Pastured Broiler Chickens for 2013- Just as the name implies, our chickens are rotated around the pasture. They free range meaning the only "cage" they experience is their spacious mobile coop at night, and are protected by a mobile electric fencing system. Our chickens are additionally fed certified organic locally milled corn and soy free feed.

Free Range Pastured/Gardened Thanksgiving Turkeys- Our turkeys have quite a life, this year will be the first for their new mobile coop based on an old hay wagon. They free range in their mobile electric fencing to be focused and protected. The reason they are pastured/gardened is as a long season 6+ months, our turkeys will have adventured almost every inch of the farm. Come fall time once the garden has been mostly frosted, it is their turn. This ensures a very healthy and tasty Thanksgiving dinner.


Listing last updated on Feb 16, 2013

Grass Feed Beef - New for 2013! This year we are introducing a large herbivore into our animal rotation system. Our choice is 2 cows. Our cows will be raised on pasture and in our vegetable field from day 1 till harvest. They will not be feed grains or sweeteners, and being only grass and veggie feed will be quite lean on fat. Stay tuned for pictures.

Season:  June through September

Type:  single farm

Since:  2012

# of Shares:  30

Full Share:  Small $270, Regular $450, Large $720

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

- Wednesday Downtown Bend
- Saturday NW Crossing
- Sunday TBD

Schedule and Location:

Tuesdays 3 to 7 PM June through October

Schedule and Location:

Tuesdays 3 to 7 PM June through October

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