What a wonderful time we had connecting with everyone that came out and talked about Plants and heirloom seeds with us last Saturday at the FARMERS MARKET at THE GROVE!

We are so looking forward to doing this again - email us to find the next date we plan to be there!

Until then, please check eCruzin.com for information and links to RestorationSeeds.com for sustainably grown, non-gmo seeds that produce well in the Southern California heat!

We have eggs from free range hens most of the year. They are "happy chickens" as they have access to fresh, organically grown weeds and bugs ( a chicken's favorite foods) almost year-round. The eggs vary in color from white (from Silkie Cochin mix), to a speckled brown that looks almost pink (from our Barred Rocks), to brown (from our Rhode Island Reds) to blue to green to khaki (from our Aracanas). The shells are hard and strong from sufficient calcium, and the yolks are a beautiful orange.

We believe in improving the soil with compost we make in large quantities on our mini-farm.

We currently only have enough to provide for family and friends, but keep checking back and we will update you as our flock / orchard grows! Check out more information on our seed offerings at: RestorationSeeds.com and eCruzin.com


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Sustainable, Non-GMO RestorationSeeds

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Only upon occasion! Please email us for upcoming schedule!

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