Naturally raised chicken and duck eggs. Our girls are fed certified organic feed that contains no soy. We supplement our feed with shrimp meal to replace the protein content. The girls will have free range over 2 plus acres during the day and are locked in at night to protect them from predators.

Our current duck breeds are Pekin, Indian Runner, Buff, Cayuga and Khaki Campbells.

Our current chicken breeds are Barred Rock, Red Sex Link, and Black Sex Link.

We are planning to expand and add meat chickens and turkeys this year. If you are interested in purchasing these items I would welcome your calls or emails to help me plan my purchases. Chicken and turkeys will also be raised naturally with organic soy-free feed.

Listing last updated on Mar 7, 2013

Chicken and Duck Eggs - The Girls are fed No-Soy Organic feed. Day Pastured - Access to plenty of grass and good bugs. Meat Chickens and Turkeys available in the future.

Schedule and Location:

Please call to schedule pick up and check availability. Limited availability during winter months.

Duck Eggs are $6/doz
Chicken Eggs are $4/doz

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