JustPicked Farms

What we do:

We produce locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs for local markets in the Emporia, Kansas area.

What we don't do:

We don't use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on our crops. We don't keep our hens in small cages - they are free to forage all over our farm. We believe:

  • Locally grown food is fresher, tastier food, usually picked within a day or two of when you purchase it, unlike food from chain stores that sits in warehouses for sometimes weeks before it gets to the store.
  • Food grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers is healthier.
  • Buying locally helps the community. Money you spend with local producers gets spent again by those producers in local stores and for local services, helping local businesses stay in business and supporting local jobs.
  • Buying locally grown food helps the environment. We are concerned about sustainability on our farms, and strive to be good stewards of the land and water resources we manage.
  • Buying locally grown food helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Food produced locally is only shipped a short distance, much less than the hundreds or thousands of miles typical of chain store produce, and contributes fewer greenhouse gasses to our atmosphere.
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    Listing last updated on May 5, 2011

    Schedule and Location:

    Emporia Farmer's Market
    7th and Merchant
    Saturdays, May through October

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    We won?t be at the market for the next 3 weekends.  Instead, we?ll be on vacation, checking out farmer?s markets in other places.  It will be strange, trusting someone else to let the chickens out every morning and lock them up at night, feed the dog, and take care of the garden, but hopefully we?ll come back recharged and ready for the rest of the market season.... [more]

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