JX Ranch Natural Beef

JX Ranch all-natural beef is grass-fed, grass-finished and dry-aged for 21 days for optimum tenderness and flavor. Our cattle are born and raised on our 7,000 acre ranch and graze our native pastures living the way nature intended. You can rest assured that your beef has never received any antibiotics, growth-hormones, animal bi-products, ionophores, insecticides or any chemicals of any kind. Our pastures are never fertilized nor sprayed with any pesticides. Our beef is clean, tender and flavorful!

You can choose from our 10 lb. grill-pack or extra-lean ground beef pack, our 20 lb variety pack or family pack, our 30 lb. family pack, or contact us for a custom pack. For best savings, order a 1/4, a 1/2 or a whole beef. You may consider splitting a beef with neighbors or friends. We sell locally within New Mexico, and also ship our beef on dry-ice to other States.

Visit our website LEANNATURALBEEF.COM to see what our customers have to say about our delicious tender beef or call us at 575-403-6904 to order or for questions.


Listing last updated on Jul 5, 2012

20 lb Variety Pack - $152

20 lb Family Pack - $122

10 lb. Grill Pack - $106

10 lb. Ground Beef Pack - $58

1/4 beef - 55 - 90 lb. - $7.50/lb

1/2 beef - 110 - 180 lb. - $7.00/lb

Whole beef - 220 - 360 lb - $6.50/lb

Prices include inspection, butcher dry-aging, custom processing, cutting and wrapping into packages.

Our beef is dry-aged for 21 days, all natural and grass-fed - no antibiotics, growth-hormones, animal bi-products, ionophores or insecticides. It is lean tender flavorful.

Schedule and Location:

We will ship using FedEx or UPS Ground to most locations. Far away destination may require air shipments.

Schedule and Location:

Call us for pickup at the ranch 575-403-6904 or send us an email at info@leannaturalbeef.com

For whole sale pricing and arrangement, please contact us by email info@leannaturalbeef.com or call us at 575-403-6904.

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After watching the documentary "Food, Inc." I stopped buying mega farm beef in all forms. I honestly thought that the cost of local, natural, grass fed beef was going to be too prohibitive to keep beef in our diet.... [more]

I have enjoyed your natural beef on a number of occasions, and the flavor is superb. This year, due to the chaos in our economics and the flu scare, I wanted something extra special for my family at the holidays.... [more]

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