JZJ Roast Pack

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JZJ Roast Pack

10 Pounds of assorted roast. Each roast weights approximately 2.5 pounds.

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We ship our frozen meat in insulated boxes to ensure that your meat arrives cold. If you are within 50 miles from the Temple, Texas, area, we can either arrange delivery or you may pick up directly from our farm.

Today's health conscience consumer is striving constantly to provide safe, healthy and nutritious meals for their family.

Natural fed beef is one element to provide relief from the stress of grocery selection, especially when you can buy directly from the producer.

JZJ Natural Beef is produced with cattle that are raised on grass, legumes such as alfalfa, clover or vetch, hay and grain rations. Antibiotics or animal by products are not fed and growth hormones are not added through feed or implant.

All cattle used to produce JZJ Natural Beef are raised from birth by us along with our son Stephen and his family. Animal health, nutrition and all other general management decisions are made with a safe and healthy product in mind. We use gentle, easy handling Beefmaster cattle to create a safe environment for ourselves and our animals. Although our cattle are allowed to freely roam in the pastures we do observe their activity daily.

All processing is done by a USDA or TDA approved facility and labeled with JZJ Natural Beef USDA or TDA approved label

Buying natural fed beef directly from the producer helps provide safe, healthy, nutritious meals for your family.