Kamo Kamo Squash ~ Maori Heirloom

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Kamo Kamo Squash ~ Maori Heirloom

The traditional squash of the Maori people of New Zealand, Kamo Kamo does double duty as both summer and winter squash.

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Kamo Kamo is a new favorite in our garden, and we expect it will become very popular!

The traditional pumpkin-style squash of the Maori, this delicious squash has become rare even in New Zealand. It is well worth popularizing, for its delicious nutty flavor, and for its versatility as both summer and winter squash. The striped green baby squashes have become a staple on our summer dinner table.

As a mature fruit, Kamo Kamo has a hard skin that will preserve the flesh for over a year if properly stored.

We grew a lot of this rare squash, and saved a lot of seeds, so we now offer a bulk rate for 100 seeds. Grow a big field of it, or share with your community garden! This excellent squash deserves popularizing!

Plant Kamo Kamo where you have plenty of room, as it is a sprawling vine. We have found it to be exceptionally vigorous, healthy and insect-resistant.

Packets contain at least 20 seeds.

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