"For us, Kim and Albert Katz, our culinary lineage spans the last 30 years. It began in the late seventies at a time when cooking local, farm-fresh foods was just beginning to take hold in this country. This was a vibrant and creative period and we spent the first decade 'behind the kitchen line' learning that the quality of the ingredients makes all the difference. Later down the road as we created those ingredients, our mission became simple: to produce genuine and authentic foods with integrity and in a traditional manner that nurtures the soul and satisfies the palate."

"Our culinary journey continued in the early eighties, as we fed our passion by opening our own restaurant in the SF Bay Area. Albert was the chef and sourced product for his daily fresh menu from the small but growing cadre of local farmers who wanted to deal directly with the 'kitchen,' and Kim designed the interior and filled the dining room with fresh flowers through her San Francisco floral design shop. Our restaurant became a destination point for many 'foodies' who read about our "small gem in the Oakland Hills" and wanted to experience our innovative and seasonal offerings."

"After many rewarding years in the restaurant business, the Napa Valley appealed to us as a pleasant place to raise our daughters, Simone and Lily, and to further pursue our passions."

"Our timing was fortuitous. In the early 90s, the rebirth of the olive oil industry was just taking shape in California. Albert found himself drawn to the industry after a culinary visit to Italy and seeing authentic olive oil produced first-hand. He became part of a small group of enthusiastic pioneers who formed the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). His passion for the industry grew into producing and distributing award-winning extra virgin olive oils, including a yearly December's New Oil - what the Tuscans call Olio Nuovo, and having a stint as president of the COOC. He later fed another desire when he and a grape grower friend began making traditional Orleans Method vinegar in their historic Carriage House facility in the Suisun Valley. Kim found her passion serving her well in package design and graphic design - she created the KATZ Branches honey and preserves packaging that won three NASFT awards, and branded the KATZ Line with its innovative and fun look."

"This brings us to the present where our culinary journey continues and our commitment to producing foods with integrity remains unabated. We also are busy with plans for our KATZ Farm on 16 acres in the Suisun Valley where we hope to welcome you all soon."


Listing last updated on Sep 23, 2014

KATZ Organic Rock Hill Ranch Olive Oil (375 ml) and KATZ Organic Chef's Pick Olive Oil (750 ml); KATZ Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil; KATZ Vinegars - Trio Red Wine, Sparkling Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, and Gravenstein Apple Cider Vinegars; Branches Honeys - Range Wildflower, Raspberry, Wild Blackberry, Black Button Sage, and Citrus Blossom; and Branches Handmade Preserves - Apricot, Black Mission Fig, Blueberry, Peach, Blackberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Plum

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They make some of the best vinegar I have ever tasted. 5 starts all they way.

One of Katz and Company's primary sources is Suisun Valley. They produce incredibly good artisan olive oil. Highly recommend their products. Also some great artisan salad vinegars. Five Stars, absolutely.

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