KB Natural Grass - Fed Beef Package 1/8

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KB Natural Grass - Fed Beef Package 1/8

100% Natural Grass-Fed Longhorn Beef. 1/8 of a steer

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This selection is a mixed 1/8 of an entire 100% Natural Grass-fed Longhorn steer. It includes all the great tender steaks and roasts along with a supply of our 96% lean ground beef and patties. A Perfect Healthy economical choice for your hungry family. Listed below is the approximate amounts you will receive:

  • two Tenderloin Filet
  • two Delmonico Steaks
  • two-three New York Strip Steaks
  • one sirloin steaks
  • one Flank Steaks
  • one Ranch Steaks
  • one (1) lb package minute steaks
  • one flat iron steaks
  • one (2-3) lb rump roasts
  • one (2-3) lb chuck roasts
  • one (2-3) lb top round roasts
  • one (1) lb pkg beef cubes
  • two (1) lb pkg 1/4 lb 96% lean patties
  • 10 (1) lb pkg 96% lean ground beef
  • one (1) lb pkg of gourmet Italian Sausage
  • one All Natural soup/ Dog Bone
  • This package will give you 35 lb of freezer ready beef or 50 lb hanging weight.

    HALF the calories of commercial beef - 20% FEWER calories, fat, and cholesterol than skinless white chicken - 82% LESS FAT than commercial beef - 32% less cholesterol than commercial beef. 600% more CLA than commercial beef. An Equally Balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio - 400% More Vitamin E than commercial beef - 500% More Vitamin A than commercial beef - 78% More Beta Carotine than commercial beef - 30,000% LESS E COLI BACTERIA - Locally raised and USDA inspected.

    KB Cattle Beef- 100% Natural, 100% Grass-Fed, 100% Delicious!