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Do you have plant/lawn disease problems? Compost tea has been shown to suppress many different types of diseases by giving the plants and soil the beneficial microbiology it needs to stay healthy and fight back against pathogens. It will keep your plant looking green and healthy and help to cut back or eliminate the need to add chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our compost tea is 100% natural, chemical-free, and lab tested to provide the highest levels of beneficial bacteria and fungi. Contact us to find out how compost tea can work in your backyard, garden, farm, vineyard, or golf course. Help put the "good" biology back into the environment and keep your plants healthy and growing in a natural way!

We also sell high-quality vermicompost, alaska humus, and a specially made fungal compost that can be used as compost or used in making compost tea. We have food kits for all our brewers. Check out our website, or contact us for more information. We will do everything we can to make sure your plant and garden needs are being met.


Listing last updated on Aug 21, 2006

Compost tea offers an organic solution to soil and plant disease problems. It can be sprayed on as a foliar spray to help coat the leaf surface of the plant with beneficial micro-biology, or used as as soil drench to fight soil compaction and nutrient imbalances in your soil. Visible results after just a couple of sprayings!

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