Kefir cheese

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Kefir cheese

Our cheese is the first and only probiotic, raw milk Kefir cheese handcrafted with living kefir grains. Enjoy!!

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Our cheese is tangy and rich, creamy and dense. It is often paired with wines, but can be eaten on the go, melted on any dish, or simply as a snack. It is a special cheese that contains probiotic organisms that are good for the digestion. We handcraft our Kefir cheese from the lovely milk from our Irish Dexter cows. Each wheel of cheese is unique and made by cheesemaker, Rose Marie Belforti.

We raise our Dexter cattle with love and respect. Each cow is a friend and companion. The milk we collect is harvested with the greatest consideration. Calves stay with their mothers and come into the milk parlor at milking time. They take two teats, and we take the other two!! We form exceptional bonds with our cattle this way. The cattle we sell are handled, friendly and eager to be with people! Our dairy operation encourages well-being before profit.

We are the only registered Dexter dairy in the US and the only cheese makers crafting an authentic kefir cheese from living kefir grains. Kefir grains are special symbiotic organisms that thrive in a lactic environment. They have been grown and passed down through generations for many hundreds of years. Where they came from, no one knows, but they cannot be manufactured or created! They are a gift from God! We are happy to continue the tradition of kefir culture. And glad to present to you a hearty, living kefir cheese!

We are blessed to be 'one' with our herd of Dexter cows. We love to share the bounty they so graceously give!

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