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Santa Fe, Texas
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Kenz Henz, Hatchery and Speciality Feeds

Its been almost a year since we agressively started our business. We have come along way and still have a long way to go. We started with 27 hens and a rooster. We now have approximately 1000 birds. We have several breeds of birds that we raise for eggs and for our hatchery. We orginally started with just free range birds but have expanded from just free range to supplementing their feed with 100 to 120 pounds of Wheatgrass and Oatgrass sprouts daily raised here hydroponically on the farm. They absolutely love them. We have also started our farm to be more healthy and now our "Girls don't do Drugs". We have gone Non-Soy/Non GMO/Organic with the feed for them. Pretty much the only thing we have not done is certify that we are organic. But we are as close to it as a farm can be. We continue to sell chicks and eggs from our farm. Chick prices vary and the egg price is $4.00 a dozen. We also sell hatching eggs (with advanced notice) for $7.50 a dozen. I challenge any farm to put into their birds that which we do for ours and our customers. We are also a feed dealer open to the general public and sell our Non-Soy/Non GMO/Organic feeds from the farm. We are very close to having our eggmobile ready to place on the local Dairy farm which has 40 acres in which our girls will range daily behind the cattle. We are excited to help support the dairy with higher quality milk as the fields will be organically fertilized. We have so much going on! If you would like to know more, please give me a call at 409-457-5934 and ask for Ken.

My flock has been Tested and Certified Clean by the State of Texas/TVMDL. I do enjoy raising poultry and look forward to retirement so I can do it full time.

We are also a Specialty Feed Dealer as well. We now sell Feeds from Texas Natural Feeds and Coyote Creek Feeds as they are NON SOY/NON GMO/ORGANIC.

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Listing last updated on May 6, 2013

We now carry speciality feeds from Coyote Creek and Texas Natural Feeds. Our feeds are NON SOY and NON GMO, as well as ORGANIC. Call us at 409-457-5934 or come by and see us. Thanks


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We are now buying about 6 dozen eggs a week from Kenz Henz and are sold on them. Color and flavor are great, and I have driven by several times and seen the hens wandering the fields living a free live. We are very happy customers.

Happy Hens lay the best tasting eggs. After tasting these eggs there's no doubt in my mind that Ken takes exceptional care of his flock. Will buy again and again. :)

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