We have now been raising birds commercially for over 5 years. We have found our nich in the market and that is NON/GMO, NON/SOY, NON/Medicated Free Range Pastured eggs, basically "Our Girls Don't do Drugs". As of February 1, 2015, we will begin delivering our Eggs, Honey, and Broiler Meat Birds to the Houston/Galveston and surrounding areas. It has taken us this time to better perfect the quality life style of our birds and bees. Our eggmobiles are placed in pastures behind cattle and work with the cattle to better make the lands and environment sustainable. We are happy to currently have one of the eggmobiles on the local Dairy where the birds help fertilize the 40 acres with natural clean poo! We have so much going on!

The NON GMO eggs will be $6.00 a dozen, the free range eggs fed normal feed with GMO's will be $5.00 a dozen, our honey which is raw, unpasturized, pure, is $13. a pint and the broiler meat birds are $7.00 a lb. Our minimum order with no delivery fee is $100. A delivery fee of $10 will be charged for a delivery between $75 and $100. A delivery fee of $15 will be charged for a delivery between $50 and $75. Any order below $50 will have a $20 delivery fee. To order, please visit our website at www.kenzhenz.com

My flock has been Tested and Certified Clean by the State of Texas/TVMDL. I do enjoy raising poultry and look forward to retirement so I can do it full time.

Come see us, give us a call @ 409-457-5934 or visit us at www.kenzhenz.com. Thanks



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We are proud to provide some of the highest quality products in the Houston/Galveston area. We hope to provide you with a convenience that will allow you to spend more time with your family and be able to do the things that are more important to you. We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your family with wholesome, healthy products that you consume daily. Please visit us at www.kenzhenz.com to order and for more information. Thanks, Ken

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We are now buying about 6 dozen eggs a week from Kenz Henz and are sold on them. Color and flavor are great, and I have driven by several times and seen the hens wandering the fields living a free live. We are very happy customers.

Happy Hens lay the best tasting eggs. After tasting these eggs there's no doubt in my mind that Ken takes exceptional care of his flock. Will buy again and again. :)

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