Kestler Farms LLC

Kestler Farms LLC, a family owned farm for over a half a century produces quality meats using only natural methods.

We breed and raise Black Angus cattle in a healthy, humane environment without added hormones or human antibiotics. A natural 6-month grass feeding program culminates with a final period of grain feed.

Our premium/choice beef is dry-aged for 14-days producing some of the most flavorful, yet tender and juiciest beef available on the market today.

Choose individual cuts of beef: roasts, steaks and ground beef among others, and pick it up at the farm. Also available on demand are larger beef selections. Order a whole beef, half beef, or a quarter beef (split-side) and pick it up at the locker.

We are certified with the "Indiana Fresh from the Farm Beef Program" and the "Hoosier Hills Homegrown Meats."

Kestler Farms LLC is a member of the Indiana Beef Integrated Resource Management Program (IRM) through Purdue University, the Indiana Cattleman's Association , and the National Cattlemen's Association. We also raise fresh produce and the best sweet corn you will taste. We do not use pesticides on the corn. All of the produce is sold from the farm .


Listing last updated on May 13, 2013

Hours of operation: best to call to catch us at the house. Place your order for pick up at your convienence.

Seasonal day light hours for road side stand selling produce.

Beef available for sale: Create your own small package of beef or order larger amounts- split-side (quarter), half or whole beef. Pork available for sale: Create your own small package of pork or order a half or whole pork.

Schedule and Location:

Veggies at the farm during appropriate times of year. Pork twice a year. Beef all year long

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We have purchased both 1/4 and 1/2 sections of beef from the Kestlers. After arranging our first purchase, Karen came out to the Batesville Farmers' market where we sell produce to introduce herself.... [more]

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