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We sell 100% grass fed, certified organic beef from cattle born and raised on our family farm. Their diet is their mother's milk, the native grasses and plants from our fields, and organic minerals such as kelp.

We use no harmful medications or other substances in their food or on the soil. The cattle themselves fertilize the soil. They harvest the native grasses that grow on the rocky hills of the farm that are difficult to use for any other crops. We feel this is a sustainable and natural use of this beautiful farm land that has supported our family for well over 200 years. We sell our beef from the farm as mixed quarters and eighths, in 20 pound variety packs and in ground beef packs.

The meat is dry-aged 10 to 15 days, vacuum packed and frozen at the slaughterhouse. More information about our farm, the packs and pricing it is on our website -

An all-grass diet is healthier for cattle, the planet and for the people who eat is. Grass-fed meat has a better 'real beef' flavor and is naturally lean, lower in saturated fat and calories, and contains more nutrients.(See Eat Wild for more information on the advantages of grass-fed meat.)

We generally have little meat available: it should be ordered in advance. We sometimes have extra ground beef packs, and usually have marrow bones and organ meats. Contact us to place an order, or if you would like more information about buying in bulk.

And thank you for your interest in fresh, locally-grown and healthy food.


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Free Spirit Nature Camp is a summer day camp at our farm that immerses children in nature. They explore the fields, woods, and streams on the farm, get acquainted with the cattle and our small flock of chickens, and participate in a wide range of cooperative creative activities in a beautiful natural environment. For information and dates of open houses, see

We sell all our meat in bulk - from 20 pound mixed cuts to quarters and sides - from the farm by appointment. We don't have a store.

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My whole family concludes: This meat is consistently the juiciest grass-fed beef we have ever had! Now we buy our beef only from Kezialain Farm! :~) ~Renee Morgiewicz

The best beef we've had - absolutely delicious. A gorgeous farm - exactly the type of place I was looking for to buy meat.

good information,interesting history,ecologically sound farming techniques&the beef is delicious!

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