Kidney Cleanse / Organic detox tea

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Kidney Cleanse / Organic detox tea

Detoxify is an all-natural kidney-supportive herbal blend designed to assist in kidney detoxification and natural function...

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In addition to removing wastes, the kidneys are also responsible for releasing vital hormones. The kidneys also regulate our pH balance and electrolytes as well as regulate the body's level of necessary substances like water, sodium and potassium. The correct balances of such substances are vital for your body to function healthily. The kidneys must also remove waste salts, uric acid, and ammonia from the body. That's why your first urine elimination in the morning is generally darker in color and has a stronger odor - as more of these pollutants have been collected while you slept. In addition to this already heavy workload, western society is on the average eating more animal fats... more protein... and more sugars than ever. That's why Americans are developing kidney stones 10 times more frequently than our grandparents from previous generations. People with diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of kidney disease also need to actively prevent kidney disease and keep the organs in optimum condition.

NO artificial, synthetic or chemical ingredients. Contains: Birch leaves, Chamomile flowers, Stinging nettle leaves, Dandelion roots and tops, Rose hips.

* Please Note: This information is based on Traditional and Folklore Medicine which uses natural materials to support health. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

References: Balch 1997,Tyler, Encyclopedia of Natural Healing.

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