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We produce two varieties of hickory syrup, which is a new & unique flavor ~ Our Original Hickory Syrup, has a delicious earthy & woodsy flavor. We use Our Original Hickory Syrup mostly for pancakes, waffles, french toast, as an ice cream topping and as an amazing topping on sweet potato fries or sweet potato chips. You simply have to try it on sweet potato fries or chips...You'll be hooked forever!

Our Chef's Preferred Hickory Cooking Syrup, has a rich & robust hickory flavor and was created by our family chef. It is used in glazes, marinades, meat & seafood sauces, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, butternut & acorn squash and much, much more...This syrup can be used in place of maple in just about any recipe needing a sweetener. My family loves ribs, steak , pork chops and seafood with hickory syrup glazes & sauces. My husband actually uses it to sweeten his fresh blueberry pies & says it's to die for! It 's just an extraordinary flavor that you gotta try!

Both varieties of our hickory syrup come in three different sizes. We have a 5 oz.. bottle, an 8 oz. bottle and a 12 oz. bottle. We use only glass bottles, no plastic. Some additional products we are working on include ~ Gift Baskets, Hickory Glazed Nuts(different varieties of nuts), Hickory Flavored Sea Salt(not smoked sea salt, but a hickory flavor), among other things. Future plans also include syrups as wedding favors; custom designed labels for all three size bottles which can be used in retail stores, as corporate gifts, for birthdays, anniversaries, for your organization and also for fundraising events (we actually have these available now).

The process we use in the making of our hickory syrup is all natural, and in no way causes harm to the trees or the environment. We have absolutely no waste products resulting from our syrup making process either. All of our hickory products are "hickory flavored", with a real hickory flavor that we create from scratch, not to be confused with "hickory smoked".

We are the ONLY producers of hickory syrup (that we are aware of) in New York State.

We hope you'll check out our online store and give our syrups a won't be disappointed!

You can find us at the Walloomsac Farmers' Market in Bennington, Vermont.

The Walloomsac Market is a year-round, "producer only" market that showcases a wide selection of locally-grown fresh produce, flowers, prepared foods, farm products, select local crafts and other hand-made goods.

The Winter Farmers' Market is held monthly at St. Peters Church (at the corner of Park & Pleasant Streets) in Bennington, Vermont on every third Saturday, November through April.

The summer market is held on Saturday mornings from 10am - 1pm at The Riverwalk behind The Bennington Station Restaurant on Depot Street and Tuesday afternoons from 3:00pm - 6:00pm at Greenberg's Parking Lot on West Main Street. Come on down and gather with friends and neighbors while you shop for tantalizingly fresh food.

Take a stroll along the river walk, chat with the vendors about their wares, take in the colors and aromas of just-picked vegetables, flowers and freshly baked bread, listen to local musicians, watch local chefs prepare their favorite dishes using seasonal produce, or see artisans demonstrate their craft.

We hope you'll join us each Saturday and Tuesday during the summer market season for this festive community event!


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We found an old family recipe & decided to experiment with it. Little did we know, that it would be the experiment of a lifetime...leading our family into an amazing homegrown business! Our hickory syrup, two years in the making, is fast becoming our family's legacy.

Using items harvested from our own property, we created two varieties of hickory syrup that everyone loves. We will continue to experiment and make our recipes available to our customers for free...just call or email us today!

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