Koehn's Grassfed LLC is a family enterprise that is committed to provide for you an exceptional eating experience! We are dedicated to produce delicious and highly nutritious grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured poultry, and free-range, soy-free eggs. We are conveniently located 40 minutes northeast of Tulsa. We are focused on healing the earth, so the animals we raise have the proper nutrition that will provide you with a healthy food.

Our 100% grass-fed beef is raised on mixed pastures of grass and clovers. The cattle are raised from birth to market with no antibiotics, no growth hormones and no grain. The pastures are not sprayed with herbicide, nor is there chemical fertilizers applied. We fully finish, (which means fully fatten) our cattle on a mixed winter annual pasture that provides high quality forage to obtain a rich, robust, and tender melt-in-the-mouth taste. The beef is dry-aged at a USDA inspected plant, cut and then individually packaged. Beef is available by the whole, half, split half, or by the individual cut.

Our chickens are raised in bottomless pens that allow them access to sunlight and pasture. Our boys move the pens daily to give the chickens fresh grass and clover. A ration of mixed grains with no antibiotics or growth hormones is fed to them daily. Their feed is also SOY-FREE! These chickens have a wonderful taste and texture! They are just like the one's "Grandma" raised! Frozen chicken is available at the farm year around or you can pick yours up fresh on the day of processing with advance notice. Our hens are truly free-range! They are also feed a non-antibiotic, organic, and soy-free feed. We love to see them running around having the time of their life!!

We also raise grass-fed lamb. They are happy little sheep that just about have the run of our little farm! We just have a few so they get to go where they want to. Which means they often get the cream of the crop!!

You can find us at Cherry Street Farmer's Market in Tulsa from April to Oct. We also participate in an online market which delivers in Tulsa every other Saturday through the winter months. You'll find us at tulsacleanfoods.locallygrown.net . The Welcome Mat is always out at the farm for all who want to come and visit or check out our farm products! We are located 3 miles east of Adair on Hwy 28 and 1/2 mile North on 437 Rd.


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Where Yesterday's tradition meets today's Health!

Schedule and Location:

Cherry Street Farmer's Market in Tulsa every Saturday from 7-11 am.
Online winter market: tulsacleanfoods.locallygrown.net

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We have tried many grass fed and/or organic meats and this seems to be of the highest quality we have tasted. I would recommend to anyone. We found them at the Inola Farmer's Market.

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