Kolo Kai Organic Farm

Welcome to Kolo Kai Organic Farm LLC (formerly known as Ferris Family Farm-same family operation with a new business name) located on the beautiful sunny island of Kauai.

Kolo Kai Organic Farm specializes in turmeric and three varieties of fresh ginger shipped directly to the consumer.

Besides our web presence we can be found at two local outdoor sunshine markets.

Every Tuesday at 2 pm make your way to the north shore of Kauai. The Waipa Farmer's Market is just outside of Hanalei town on the left. After passing the Hanalei Elementary School you will cross a one lane bridge and the market is just after the bridge on the left.

The second market is on Thursday's at 4:30 pm in Kilauea Town. Drive as though you are going to the well known Kilauea Lighthouse. The market will be on your right about 1/2 a mile before the lighthouse. Look for a knee high sign with an arrow pointing toward the market. The market is in the parking lot of the local community center and gym next to Kilauea Town Market, Kong Lung Store and a wonderful local bakery and pizza place.

Here we sell a variety of different fruits and veggies and of course our gingers and turmeric.

All our produce is certified organic by ICS(International Certification services)

In 1980 we started growing organic fruits and vegetables. Since 1999 our primary product has been fresh ginger. We harvest the ginger on a per order basis so that you receive the product fresh often only a few days out of the ground.

We offer white and yellow ginger, Thai ginger (galangal) and turmeric (olena) on line and of course at the two local sunshine markets.

White ginger is often used in it's baby or young stage for sushi and pickled ginger but is also very tasty in it's mature form with a wonderful flavor preferred by many and generally found in commercial food stores. We can ship you young "baby ginger" September through November on a per order basis. However it is most tender in September and October with it's harder, more mature skin developing more every day through November.

Yellow ginger is smaller than the white but often thought to be more pungent and is the variety most often found in health food stores.

Galangal or Thai ginger is unique unto itself and very pungent. It is commonly used in those wonderful Thai dishes we personally love.

Turmeric is also a root that grows similar to the ginger. IT is used inmany Asian and Indian dishes. It's pungent flavor adds to curry, rice and stir fry's. It's deep yellow/orange color is often used to brighten foods and added to broaden the flavor.


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We cater to the individual customer.Shipping certified organic white,yellow ,Thai ginger and turmeric anywhere in the USA on a per pound per order basis. You get your ginger fresh. Typically only a few days out of the ground.

Visit us Tuesday's at 2:00pm at the Waipa Farmer's Market outside of Hanalei Town on the north shore of Kauai or on Thursday's in Kilauea Town at 4:30 pm at the Kilauea Town Community Center just off Kilauea Rd on the way to the lighthouse.

Schedule and Location:

Tuesday's at 2 pm
Waipa Farmer's Market just outside of Hanalei Town

Thursday's at 4:30 pm
Kauai County Sunshine Market just off the road to the Kilauea Lighthouse

We offer our white ginger, yellow ginger Thai ginger and turmeric on a wholesale basis. Please email kolokaiorganicfarm@gmail.com or call us at 808-828-1712 M-F 8am-4pm HST (minus 3 hours from the west coast and 6 from the Eastern States)

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