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Kumquats are native to China and Indochina, where the trees can grow up to 10ft, and are much appreciated for their beauty and fruits. Dwarf kumquat trees are specially cultivated in pots for the Chinese New Year celebrations, when its fruits are used as edible decorations.

New varieties of kumquats have been developed in Japan, where they are immensely popular, in the U.S. they are mostly cultivated in California, Florida and the Gulf Coast. Slightly bigger than a Brazil nut, they have a thick sweet peel and a tart pulp. Excellent in marmalades, jellies, crystallized, minced or whole. They make an interesting addition to salads or in sweet and sour dishes.

Whichever variety you choose, the Nagami, or Meiwa (they mostly vary in tartness), they are best when ripe, which will be from mid December to mid April.

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