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La Petite Farm, owned and operated by Ash & Rhonda Lampton and their 3 children, welcomes you to stop by and play with our lovable Goonie piglets and see how poultry and cattle are meant to live. Humane treatment, free range and pastured, chickens & turkeys have access to fresh green grass to pick and scratch around in, dust to bath in, and bugs to hunt. Everyone has heard and seen those awful conditions that commercial chickens live in and the inhumane way they are treated. Our birds never have to live in cramped cages, get sprayed with chemicals for pest control, or feed hormones to increase size and egg production. Here on our farm we hatch our own chicks for ourselves and others. After babying these little balls of fluff in our barn for a couple weeks, we move them outside to roam and roost. Our farm dog Hagar watches over everything. x We also have available, grass fed beef, angus and piedmontese and cross'. The beef is pasture raised, and currently available as 1/4, 1/2 or whole carcass. If ordering less than a whole beef, we will need to hold your order until orders totaling a whole beef are received.

Wholesome farm laid eggs will be available on a limited basis. More will be available in the spring and summer months. $3 dz Multi colored!

We also grow a delicious variety of roma tomatoes called SAN MARZANO'S. These are the large version of this Italian roma, and are very hard to find in our area. True Italian cooks appreciate the unique flavor and meatiness of these wonderful tomatoes. We would be happy to grow as many as you would like...priced by the bushel, you will want loads of these to preserve for your pantry. Just call or email and we will be sure to plant enough to meet the demand.

PRICES: Whole Broiler/Roaster (4-7 lbs.) $3.99 lb Cut up Chicken $3.99 lb plus $.75

Tallow/Lard Essential Oil SOAPS $4.50 /BAR

Currently selling meat only to Ohio address'. Free delivery with 20 miles of our farm on orders totaling $100 or more.

Pick up, delivery or shipping available


Listing last updated on Jan 28, 2014

Old time farm practices...cut our own hay, breed our own piglets, hatch our own chicks and turkey poults...milk our own Jersey cow...grown our own produce and honey bee hives keep things growing strong! Eggs, honey, pork, beef and limited raw Jersey milk herdshares when available.

Schedule and Location:

La Petite Farm
13472 National Rd. SE
Thornville, OH 43076
Located 1 mile west of Brownsville Ohio on Rt 40

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Myself and a family member purchased a whole beef from La Petite Farms. We were very pleased with the transaction, we were very well informed as to what to expect.... [more]

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