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La Plata Farms located near Hesperus, Co at an elevation of 7500 feet. We raise the endangered Navajo Churro Sheep for both meat and wool. We operate a handspinning and weaving enterprise, featuring our farm raised wool, both raw and processed into roving and yarns. The sheep are sustainably raised without growth enhancers or medications on irrigated pastures, using a rotational grazing system. Top quality ewe lambs are kept for sale to other breeders or as replacement ewes in our own flock. Most of our ewes are registered. Wether (castrated male) lambs are raised for meat, with a few (un-castrated) going as rams to new homes in the fall.

We have been in business for over 25 years providing spinning and weaving supplies, lessons, workshops and consulting. Raising our own hay, doing our own shearing and overseeing all the breeding and lambing allows us to provide the top quality meat and fiber.

Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2012

La Plata Farms is the premium producer of Navajo Churro Sheep and Wool. This rare breed provides a lean, flavorful carcass as well as top quality wool for spinning, weaving, felting and dying. The sheep are sustainably raised on irrigated pastures, utilizing a rotational grazing system. Workshops and lessons in spinning, dying and felting, as well as sheep management and marketing are available at our facility or yours. We have over 25 years experience in premium wool production.

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