La Vigna Estate Winery

The Ohio River Valley's Estate Winery, "If we bottled it, we grow it!"

Nearly 10 years ago, we started this quest to produce world-class wine in the Ohio River Valley. Observing the challenges of growing grapes in Virginia, we did not take grape growing in the Ohio River Valley lightly.

1. We will only produce wines made from grapes we grow. 2. We use "Estate" in our name because it means something. 3. We only grow vinifera grapes (European varietals) 4. We utilize the Cadillac of trellis systems, the Carbonneau Lyre 5. No corners are cut when it comes to quality.

Situated high above the Ohio River, La Vigna lays claim to the moderating influence of a large body of water. Winds blow across the cool waters of the Ohio River and travel directly up a natural chute to the vineyard. This breezeway makes the vineyard unique and enhances the quality of fruit as the winds cool the grapes on hot summer days. Proximity to the Ohio River is definitely a plus for this site. The water, leveling out temperature highs and lows, moderates temperatures. With winds from the southwest, the site has a 185+ day frost-free growing season.

We specialize in our PRW (proprietary red wine) and PWW (proprietary white wine), made with only estate-grown vinifera (European) grapes.


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La Vigna Estate Winery Open Every Saturday.

THE Ohio River Valleys Estate winery, ¢ï¿½?Å“If we bottled it, we grew it!¢ï¿½?� will be open every Saturday and holiday Mondays throughout the summer. Hours of operation will be 12-6pm. We will be pouring our 2008 Proprietary White (Petit Manseng), our 2008 Proprietary Red (Cabernet blend) and our 2009 Proprietary White (Petit Manseng). All our wines are 100% Estate grown ¢ï¿½?â?œ ground to glass.

Come celebrate summer with La Vigna Estate Winery. Call 937-375-1104

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