We raise pasture-raised chickens and pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys, we take orders on them starting in January. They are 1st come first serve. We have farm fresh eggs, dairy animals, we do not use any hormones, or chemicals. We use herbal goat wormer. We use organic practices. We have produce in season. , we grow heirloom tomatoes; We sell at the Farmington Farmer's market and from our farm. Please call and come visit / tour our farm. We also have rabbits and rabbit manure for sale. We also have started garden plants for sale. We are members of Weston A. Price Foundation, and Missouri Vegetable Grower's Association also.

Listing last updated on Nov 13, 2014

Please call and come visit our farm! We have dairy goats, rabbits, pastured farm fresh eggs, pastured chickens and turkeys that we sell in advance of processing. We have Jersey cows. We have garden plants in season, produce in season for sale at our farm and we also sell at the Farmington Farmer's market. We also if possible have Easter bunnies for sale. Also when available, fryer rabbit.

Schedule and Location:

Farmington Farmer's market
Karsch Blvd. Farmington, MO 63640
VFW parking lot
Saturday 7-Noon Starting 2nd Sat.in April-Oct
starting in May- October Wed 2-5 pm

Schedule and Location:

Ladd's Family Farm
6583 Highway F
Farmington, MO 63640
we have a farm store in our garage. Please call ahead.

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Ordered and bought a turkey from Ladds for Thanksgiving. It was excellent. Also bought milk (we used to have our own milkers) -- we'd forgotten how good fresh milk was.... [more]

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