Lady Liberty Farm

Lady Liberty Farm is an Eco/Holistic Farm and Educational Retreat Center specializing in spirituality, sustainability, heritage produce, livestock, flower essence, aromatherapy and herbal products.

We have overnight accommodations and serve our guests meals based on Weston A Price Foundation's nutritional guidelines. We also offer spa & wellness services. There are opportunities for you to participate in the farm experience, take a sustainability workshop or have a relaxing retreat. In the future some apprenticeships will be available.

We have extensive gardens full of medicinal & culinary herbs, small fruits and heritage produce. We raise American Alpine Goats, Buff Orpington Chickens, Khaki Campbell Ducks, American Chinchilla Rabbits, Rad Wattle & Large Black Pigs and Bees. We will begin producing maple syrup next year (2011). The breeds of chickens, ducks and rabbits, that we've chosen for the farm, are all on the American Livestock Conservancy's list of critical, watching or recovering species.

We have a Farm Share Program that is a little different than most. Usually with a Farm Share you pay a certain set amount of money and then you get a percentage of what the farm produces. Some years you may have tons of zucchini but no tomatoes. But maybe you don't want tons of zucchini, so we're giving you the opportunity to choose how to best utilize your Farm Share.

So here's how it works, you contribute a dollar amount (any amount is great, and it would be helpful to start at $100, for bookkeeping purposes. If you need to add more money as the season goes along you can. If you put in more than you use during the season it will roll over to the next year). You get your return from the bounty that The Farm produces, including but not limited to: Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Rabbit, Honey, Mushrooms, Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs and Herbal Products (medicinal teas, tinctures, syrups and other potions... culinary vinegars, oils, horseradish and more). Below is a more complete listing of what's available by season.

Each week you will get an email listing what's available at The Farm that week. You can choose to use your Farm Share for what's available or wait and use your Farm Share to get other products as they come into season. What's nice about this structure is that you can live anywhere and be able to benefit from the Farm Share, particularly when we have our products that can be shipped. We will be producing canned and preserved vegetables, relishes, sauces, vinegars, jams, honey; dried mushrooms, herbs, fruits etc; tinctures, tonics, syrups, teas and more. Or if you plan a visit to The Farm, you can pick up some or all your Farm Share at once (supplies permitting, of course). So we're going for maximum flexibility and diversity in getting you what you want and need.

Spring -- ramps (wild leeks), chives, rhubarb, asparagus, thyme, peas, lettuce (next Spring, Goat milk, cheese & yogurt! Chicken & Duck eggs)

Summer -- all kinds of veggies, fruits (strawberries, currants, gooseberries, bush cherries, blueberries, raspberries, huckleberries, elderberries), tons of herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage, chives, Egyptian onions, tarragon, mint, lemon balm and much more), flowers, bug repellent

Fall -- eggs (Chicken & Duck), rabbit, honey, potatoes, garlic, jerusalem articokes, veggies, apples, herbs, flowers, canned relishes, jams, sauces and more; horseradish, teas, tinctures, tonics, mushrooms, baked goods

Winter -- eggs (Chicken & Duck), rabbit, honey, potatoes, garlic, squash, dried fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms; canned relishes, jams, sauces and more; frozen vegetables, fruits and herbs; teas, tinctures, tonics, syrups, baked goods, soap

We wholehearted strive to provide the highest quality food for our family, friends and customers and are committed to teaching others how to do the same for themselves.


Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2013

We are an Eco/Holistic Farm and Educational Retreat Center nestled into 120 acres in Upstate NY. We specialize in sustainability, alternative building and energy projects, heritage produce, livestock, flower essences, aromatherapy, herbal products and spirituality, in particular the energetic connection between all things.

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2010

# of Shares:  200

Full Share:  Variable -- can put in whatever amount is desired

1/2 Share:  Variable -- can put in whatever amount is desired

Work Req?  No

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