Lafayette Farmers' Market

Answering a community need for fresh seasonal Organic and Heirloom Produce! Our start date coincides with your bedding and garden plant needs. The Lafayette Farmers' Market was established in Lafayette Colorado in the Summer of 2008 in the Historic Old Town residential and merchant district located along Public Road between Baseline Rd. (CO state highway 7) and South Boulder Rd.

The purpose of the Market is to facilitate strengthening community and connecting locally.

The Market provides an outlet for local agricultural farmers, producers, growers, and ranchers (which include professional, weekend, backyard gardeners, hobbyists, and children) with an outlet to sell their products directly to the public. Product offerings will include fair trade fruit, nuts, grains, vegetables, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, coffee, cut flowers, herbs, potted plants. In addition pastries, pies, breads, pickles, salsa, and other on and off-site prepared foods and drinks are readily available for purchase.

Buyers at the Market will find a wide variety of Boulder, Weld, Adams, and Broomfield County, state of Colorado, regionally and/or globally grown and/or produced fair trade agricultural products. At any given time, and when prudent and practical, the offerings at the Market are provided by the producer(s) located within the closest geographic proximity to the Market. Shoppers vote with their dollars that local economy, agriculture and family farms are an important part of our past, present, and future. Food products offered at the Market utilize conventional, certified organic and/or non-certified organic methods of growing and processing. All items marketed as ``organic" meet the USDA/State of Colorado Department of Agriculture definition of organically grown/produced.

In addition to the high-quality food available at the Market, Buyers can also tour the one mile long Old Town Merchant Districts' many diverse and specialty antique, boutique, home, garden, and coffee shops and restaurants for a more complete shopping experience.

The Lafayette Farmers' Market is a vital part the communities it serves. The Market brings the community together for food and friendship. It is an educational opportunity for many, in that buyers and spectators alike can learn directly from farmers, ranchers and other experts about growing practices, crop seasons, and cooking tips.


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Come experience the feel of an open air marketplace as you shop for locally-grown vegetables and fruits, honey, farm fresh meats, poultry, cheeses, artisan breads, pies, pastries, flowers, bedding plants and more.

Stroll the tree-lined Old Town Merchant District and visit the many diverse and specialty antique, boutique, home, garden, and coffee shops and restaurants for a more complete shopping experience.

Schedule and Location:

355 West South Boulder Rd Thursdays, 3:30-8:30/dusk

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The Lafayette Farmers Market has really taken off. There are so many vendors at the market these days offering a variety of local products. I've seen homemade pies, french pastries, tamales, fresh produce, artisan breads, Colorado wine, bedding plants, fresh roasted chili's, fresh smoked salmon, and more.... [more]

This is a small and growing market which is truly needed in the community. It is a wonderful source for both the local growers and eaters. Tasty and healthy for all!

I support any farmers market that I might be near at that time. I love the fresh, delicious and beautiful produce that is true to what God intended it to be. Healthy, satisfying, nutritious and safe to eat!

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