Lake County Organics - Castaway Soil Enhancer

Union Grove, Wisconsin

Lake County Organics - Castaway Soil Enhancer

Lake County Organics was started in 2009. Castaway Soil Enhancer is the solution for all your growing needs, allowing you to castaway harmful and harsh chemical fertilizers. Castaway Soil Enhancer is not just a fertilizer. Our worm casting product will not only promote growth of all of your flowers, vegetables, lawns, vineyards but it will help restore balance to depleted soils!

Castaway Soil Enhancer is one of the most complete soil amendments available. Worm castings will help to aerate the soil, create root space, increase the presence of beneficial microbes, and allow easy access to micronutrients that plants need. Many scientific studies have demonstrated the use of worm castings in decreasing fungus and pests in food and flower crops.

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!!

Listing last updated on Oct 26, 2011

Castaway Soil Enhancer - Castaway harmful and harsh chemical fertilizers! Return balnace and life to your soil and all of your growing needs.

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