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The Idea behind Lake Valley Farms

Searching for a way to positively contribute to my family and the community and responding to in a larger sense the adage "Think globally, act locally" I was looking for a product or crop that I could get involved in that would provide me with a story that I could believe in, support and be proud of. After researching aquaculture on the internet we found that the best prospect for meeting our goals was growing fresh water prawns. Using information we gleaned from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Report of 2009 and the MAPES report we found that farm raised fresh water prawns were sustainably raised and naturally produced with no animal by products. In other words, this is a product that an ecologically sensitive and environmentally conscious California fly fisherman can get behind.

What makes American Farm Raised Giant Prawns unique:

  • Locally grown NC product
  • Sustainably and responsibly produced
  • Green
  • Nutritional
  • Collateral Conservation & Environmental benefits
  • Tastes great - like lobster
  • Easy to prepare fresh or frozen
  • Fresh water prawns are raised seasonally with the harvest in late summer or early fall. The prawns live in ponds designed for them to mature into "giant size" as large as 6-8 count per pound. The prawns are fed an all natural diet that includes naturally occurring aquatic insects and supplemented by soybean based protein. The Monterey Bay Aquarium report on seafood rates the North Carolina (and only the NC produced prawn) as the Best Choice in seafood over all other seafood on the planet!

    I believe that creating the Lake Valley brand of sustainable, all natural, farm raised prawns will bring about positive results and yield tangible benefits for me and my family, the community and globally. Aquaculture is providing healthy alternatives to the unsustainable harvest of wild fish and shellfish. It's a responsible social choice and the consequential benefits are many. We are proud to sell you these prawns.

    Eat well and save the planet.

    One delicious bite at a time!

    Don Horton


    Listing last updated on Feb 28, 2011

    Lake Valley Farm Giant Fresh Water Prawns Harvest begins in late September Available live, on ice and flash frozen

    Schedule and Location:

    Fresh: October at Farm Site Saturdays 9 -12noon
    Live Ship: October (schedule)
    Flash Frozen: October - March: Cooperative Site

    Schedule and Location:

    Harvest Schedule and location will be posted on our web site. Harvest occurs in late September and early October

    Live shipments and frozen product are available at wholesale for qualified seafood wholesalers and vendors with resale licences.

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