Permaculture Organic Gardening 101 Class

Barefoot Creek/Scotty's Produce - Lakeland, Florida

Barefoot Creek 1210 Creekwood Run Lakeland, FL 33809 (Be sure you have this address and not the Market address!) Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013 from 1 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

Save money, Be in Harmony with our Earth Home, Become Healthy, Enjoy Life Fully, Thrive, not just Survive. Is it time to live your dreams? Join the movement to grow and eat Local, Fresh, Organic.

Begin learning how to grow your own from the various classes offered and/or visit the gardens through school field trips, individual or group tours.

The gardens demonstrate progressive stages of ever-deepening living in harmony and sustainability and the beginning stages of a Food Forest....

Scotty's Produce Organic Permaculture Gardener Jeff (Scotty) Campbell, demonstrates exactly:

-- how to make compost, sheet composting, build and how to plant in raised beds or containers --how to feed and protect plants organically --how to start with the basic good soil, what seeds to plant now, where to get them.

In just 6 weeks from now you can begin enjoying the best, healthiest, freshest Real food started and nurtured by your own loving hands.

Barefoot Creek Permaculture Gardener, Peg Campbell shows her "Florida-friendly, perennial, edible landscape garden"where you can see exactly:

--how much space you need for a family of 4 -- how you can provide an ample variety of produce and herbs from an average-size backyard--or -- how to sneak it all into an edible landscape in a deed-restricted community. -- extra tips and secrets for a truly "green thumb" whereby your Florida-friendly, nutrient-dense plants return to you, personally, the love and attention you give to the with the exact nutrients and superb flavor you need...All on a schedule of 30 minutes a day!

See how little space, time and energy is really needed to feed yourself and your family well.

Bring a notebook, minimal to no handouts, (save a tree and ink). This class is especially welcome to "kids" of all ages from 10-100! We want the young ones to start early, enjoying their harvest!

You are welcome to hang out afterward in our natural setting, bring a picnic, meditate, stroll through our woods.

Be sure to dress casually, appropriate for the weather (maybe in layers?)

Email us with the following info to sign up:

Name(s) of those wishing to attend: If there are any under 18, please list their names and ages Cell phone: Home phone: Date of class you're attending: Donations of $15 per person are gratefully accepted. (Or whatever amount, service exchange, other items of value or just bring your sincere interest)

Barefoot Creek Gardens

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Call only if needed: 863-904-8620 863-221-5654 (please call both numbers)

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Date: Jan 20, 2013
Start Time:1:00 PM
End Time:3:30 PM
Organized by:Scotty's Produce from Barefoot Creek
Address: 1210 Creekwood Run
Lakeland, FL 33809
Phone:863-904-8620 and 863-221-5654
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