One Woman and Two Blades Mini Shearing Festival

Wild At Heart Farm - Lakeport, Michigan

I will be hand shearing my Icelandic sheep, my way, which is slow and easy, one at a time. You're welcome to come by and quietly watch this rather laborious, but satisfying task. I'll typically be out there weekday afternoons, as specified.

It's best if you call ahead to verify that I'll be out there for sure on any given day. I'll also squeeze them in any other chance I get. If you like, you can call me to set up an appointment to watch. I'll be shearing 8 ewes and 5 ewe lambs. I may or may not shear my 6 month old breeding ram. I am certain it will take me longer than a week to do them all.

If you want a fleece, we can "skirt" or clean it together after I shear. Some of them were naughty and found some burrs, but we've pulled most of them out already. (It's surprisingly much easier to get them off live sheep!) Hope to see you then! Mary

Start Date: Oct 2, 2012
End Date:Oct 8, 2012
Start Time:4:00 PM
End Time:5:30 PM
Organized by:Wild At Heart Farm
Address: 4940 Harris Rd
Lakeport, MI 48059
Email: Email Us