Lakeview Farm is located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, North of Tulsa and close to the Kansas border.

The flock consists of primarily heritage brown-egg layers (Barred Rocks, Australorps, still a few Rhode Island Reds) with the exception of our signature inclusion of a colored egg from the Easter Egg hens, Araucanas.

Eggs are hand washed with water, no chemicals, and weighed individually. Egg cartons are nostalgic 3 x 4 design for ease of packaging, storing and handling, made out of recycled materials.


The "Ladies of Lakeview" are proud to offer their all natural, pastured poultry, farm fresh eggs for your dining pleasure.

The Ladies enjoy a completely free range environment in which to strut their stuff, whether along the lake or across the plains of native grasses. Their pasture pickings are supplemented with healthy rations that do not contain any hormones, antibiotics or animal by products.

The girls preen themselves in a custom built coop on skids designed to give them healthy ventilation and ample space, with expanded metal flooring so their indoor lounging is in clean comfort. The coops are moved regularly for site rotation and field fertilization.

They enjoy a limited curfew, so they come and go as they please from their country abode, but as with any lady of breeding, they are secured at night to keep the predators away!


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All natural, pastured poultry eggs.

Lakeview Farm is Animal Welfare Approved that entails annual auditing and compliance to rigorous animal welfare standards. For more info:

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