Laminitis (Founder) Clay Hoof Pack

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Laminitis (Founder) Clay Hoof Pack

Herbal Pet Remedy. A soothing blend of herbs mixed with green clay as a drawing poultice to be applied to the sole of the horse's hoof.

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A soothing blend of herbs mixed with green clay as a drawing poultice to be applied to the sole of the horse's hoof.

This will aid in circulation and will help rid the foot of infection should it be present. Green clay will help to cleanse and soothe soreness as well as penetrate tissues for deep internal healing.

Can be used with heart bar shoes or bare foot. Accompanied with instruction sheet and will enough for 5 (five) applications.

Works well with Circulation Aid Herbal Tonic, proper diet and farrier care.

Hoof Pack is very easy to make. Simply add organic apple cider vinegar to the clay/herb blend and make a mash. Apply the mash to the hoof and wrap with "vet wrap" or gauze. Clay pack will last for 3-4 days as long as horse is not in constant muddy or wet conditions.

Laminitis results from the disruption (constant, intermittent, or short-term) of blood flow to the sensitive and insensitive laminae. These laminae structures within the foot secure the coffin bone (the wedge-shaped bone within the foot) to the hoof wall. Inflammation often permanently weakens the laminae and interferes with the wall/bone bond. In severe cases, the bone and the hoof wall can separate. In these situations, the coffin bone may rotate within the foot, be displaced downward ("sink") and eventually penetrate the sole. Laminitis can affect one or all feet, but it is most often seen in the front feet concurrently.

The terms "laminitis" and "founder" are used interchangeably. However, founder usually refers to a chronic (long-term) condition associated with rotation of the coffin bone. Whereas, acute lamini­tis refers to symptoms associated with a sudden initial attack, including pain and inflammation of the laminae.

Signs of acute laminitis include the following: lameness, especially when a horse is turning in circles, heat in the feet, increased digital pulse in the feet, pain in the toe region when pressure is applied with hoof testers, reluctant or hesitant gait ("walking on eggshells") , a"sawhorse stance," with the front feet stretched out in front to alleviate pressure on the toes and the hind feet "camped out" or positioned further back than normal to bear more weight. Signs of chronic laminitis may include the following: rings in hoof wall that become wider as they are followed from toe to heel, bruised soles or "stone bruises", widened white line, commonly called "seedy toe," with occurrence of seromas (blood pockets) and/or abscesses, dropped soles or flat feet, thick, "cresty" neck, dished hooves, which are the result of unequal rates of hoof growth (The heels grow at a faster rate than the rest of the hoof, resulting in an "Aladdin-slipper" appearance.)

I am a Certified Natural Health Consultant & Certified Herbalist. I am a good standing member of the American Herbalist Guild, American Botanical Council and Flower Essence Society. I am also a member of the Keyport Business Alliance and National Home Gardening Club.

I have studied and used herbs for over 14 years and began at a young age with the help of my Grandmother. Herbalism is a tradition in my family and I respect the healing herbs offer.

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