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Landon Farm is a small family run farm located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain. We strive to provide quality free range meats, vegetables and eggs in an environmentally sustainable, biodynamic manner. It is our goal to provide local, humanely raised, heritage products.

Our farm is run using biodynamic methods, meaning the farm works as a whole in an environmentally sustainable manor. We practice good land management, including multi-species gracing and field rotation. These and other practices help reduce disease and stress on the animal. Healthy, happy animals produce higher quality meat.

Our farm raises Animal Welfare Approved pigs of various breeds including pure bred Berkshire and Old Spots. Our animals are raised in natural environments and are never confined in small feed lots but rather given freedom to root around the woods, graze on green grass and feast on berries and an abundance of nuts. We let our chicken do what they do best?¯?¿?½?�??¢ï¿½??¯ï¿½??¿ï¿½??½??¯?¿?½?�??¦ roam without fences. They scratch in the woods, graze in the fields and at dusk all the chickens return on their own will to the coop to rest until the next light. Our animals are supplemented with local corn and barley, whole oats, flax seed, organic alfalfa and seasonal fresh produce. We never use antibiotics or hormones.

We believe that all farms should be open to the general public and we encourage people to come see how we run our operation. We hope that you will have the opportunity to visit.


Listing last updated on Jan 14, 2013

Pastured Free Roaming Traditional Meats: Landon Farm LLC goals are to reduce the impact of farming on the land, improve the quality of life for farm animals and provide the community with a healthier choice of food. We are a small family farm that is Animal Welfare Approved. We raise heritage breeds of pork including Berkshire and Old Spots, free roaming chicken, heritage/organic varieties of veggies and free range eggs. We offer a limited supply of duck, turkey, lamb and veal. All pastured.

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