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We are a family owned and operated Grade A dairy that produces only raw milk through herd shares. We have a herd of Holstein, Guernsey and Jersey cows that are pastured and are not given any hormones or antibiotics*. We know that what goes in one end, comes out the Udder! Each of our cows has a name and personality and is not just a number on an ear tag. They are more like pets than just a herd and we think they produce the best milk because of the love and attention they get! In addition to milk, we are also beginning to produce cheese. We also have a herd of dairy goats and a flock of heritage breed, free-range chickens that produce HUGE brown eggs that you will love for their taste and nutritional value!

*If one of our cows becomes ill, she is given the best veterinary care available, which sometimes includes antibiotics. During the course of her illness and treatment, she is not milked. Antibiotics have a short half-life in the body and milk and once that time period has passed and she is well, we re-introduce her back into the herd.


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What Goes in One End Comes Out the UDDER!

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