Larga Vista Ranch & Dairy

Nestled on the bluffs overlooking the Huerfano River, near its confluence with the Arkansas, our family has farmed and cared for this land for over eighty years. Great Grandmother Malone named this farm for the views of the beautiful mountain ranges to the west and the vast prairies to the east. Over the years we have always understood the importance of good stewardship of the land and water resources we are entrusted with in this community. Our respect and gratitude for the vision of our ancestors continually anchors our hopes and dreams for the future, while guiding our decisions to insure the sustainability of this community for the generations that will follow. During the past twenty years we have eliminated the need for pesticides on our farm through the use of crop rotation, intensively managed irrigated pasture development, and sound animal nutrition practices. This has allowed us to move into the production and marketing of high quality meats and vegetables. Intensively managed, mixed species pastures are the foundation of our soil building rotation. Livestock are rotated through lush pastures during the growing season and fed stored forages during the short winter period. Soil fertility is maintained and improved by the animals themselves and through the use of compost and supplemental micronutrients. All of these factors combine to create a viable soil mineral cycle, which provides the basis for healthy plant and animal nutrition to produce meats and vegetables of unsurpassed flavor and quality, without the need for pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones.


Listing last updated on Oct 9, 2008

Finest quality all-grass raw milk dairy, free-range/pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef, and organic vegetables.

Schedule and Location:

Colorado Farm and Art Market, Colorado Springs
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Schedule and Location:

by appointment

Schedule and Location:

Thursday and Saturday from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm or by appointment. Please call ahead for current produce and meat availability.

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Kim and Doug Wiley are farmers who understand the needs of their animals, the land, and their shareholders. The raw milk we receive from them (through cow shares) is incredibly delicious, nutrient dense, and full of healthy fats and vitamins.... [more]

We love how well Larga Vista treats our cows and their grassed milk is amazing. The pork is the best we've ever tasted and we only buy our lard from here.... [more]

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