Large Black Pigs of Maine

We are a small farm in western maine raising Large Black pigs, a heritage breed of pigs, that are true grazers and able to forage for their own food. These pigs are hearty making them suitable for living outdoors year-round on pasture. Our pigs are supplemented with all natural feed only. We have registered piglets for sale and sell heritage pork by the half or whole. We also have available commercial breeds of pigs raised on pasture sold by the half or whole for your freezer. Pigs raised on pasture produce a healthier, juicier and more flavorful meat. Large Blacks offer the farmer or families interested in raising their own pork an alternative to commercial breeds at a cost savings in feed, housing needs and time management. It will take the effort of individuals and small farmers to save this breed and develop a market to assure their survival and to see them thrive in backyards everywhere. We welcome any calls to answer your questions regarding these wonderful pigs.


Listing last updated on Apr 3, 2009

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