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LAUREN FARMS is proud to provide products to food lovers who care where their food comes from....

Nestled in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, the alluvial aquifer provides fresh, pure water for producing premium, high quality farm-raised CATFISH and the lobster-like FRESHWATER PRAWN. CATFISH are protein-rich, low in saturated fat and contain heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid. PRAWNS are all-natural and free-range. They are high in protein and low in fat, calories, cholesterol, sodium and iodine.

Lauren Farms unique SAUCES are inspired by authentic family recipes. The sauces provide a rich culinary experience creating tantilizing FRESHWATER PRAWN, fish, poultry and meat dishes. Lauren Farms fresh-frozen FRESHWATER PRAWNS and CATFISH FILLETS are sold year-round. They are shipped via UPS anywhere in the United States and are delivered to your door.


  • HEALTHY CHOICE - lower in fat calories, iodine, cholesterol & sodium than marine shrimp. A recent Harvard study concludes shrimp can be part of a heart healthy diet
  • LOBSTER-LIKE texture and mild sweet taste
  • POND RAISED in fresh water with no pollutants
  • FROZEN IMMEDIATELY after harvest for ultimate freshness
  • NO CHEMICALS used in production
  • more closely related to the lobster than the marine shrimp
  • Lauren Farms also operates a commercial hatchery providing juvenile prawns and a catfish hatchery providing fingerlings to other growers and for on-farm grow out.


    Listing last updated on Mar 20, 2008

    FROZEN FRESHWATER PRAWNS................ Jumbo Prawn Tails 21-26 count/pound,

    Extra Large Prawn Tails 26-30 count/pound,

    Large Prawn Tails 31-35 count /pound,

    Medium Prawn Tails 36-45 count/pound,

    U. S. Farm-Raised Catfish 2-3 oz. fillets, 3-5 oz. fillets,

    Stir-Fry - 16 oz Cheese Sauce-16 oz - 32 oz

    Schedule and Location:

    Stareka Market - Main Extended - Greenville, MS ***
    Grandma's Best-Hwy.1-Greenville,Ms
    Delta Fresh Market - Park Ave. - Greenwood, MS ***
    Sunflower Market - Hwy. 82 - Indianola, MS
    Foodies - Int. 55 - Jackson, Ms
    Mc Dade's - Northside Dr.-Jackson, Ms
    Stop ' Shop - Main St- Leland, Ms

    Schedule and Location:

    ON FARM SALES: Mon.-Sat. Closed Sundays. Flexible hours. Call for hours.

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