Lavender Body and Room Spray

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Lavender Body and Room Spray

This spray with the light scent of lavender can be used on your body or to scent your room. It is cooling and uplifting.

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Lavender Body and Room Spray comes in a 4oz. blue bottle, and its’ uses are many. I love to sprits it on my head and face in the summer months when I’m out digging in the garden and the sun is beating down. Bugs don’t like lavender, and they stay away. But, if you do happen to get a bite, the spray soothes the sting. Witch hazel is an astringent and anti-inflammatory, and feels cool on your skin. Aloe Vera is a mucilaginous gel found in the plants leaves. This also adds coolness to the spray, and is great for healing minor cuts and burns. Lavendula Augustifolia is a fragrant herb with antiviral, antibacterial, and nervine properties. So, it keeps the germs off you ( highly recommended for people in hospitals, or crowed living situations, and for use when flying). The elderly can greatly benefit from this wonderful scent. It is a mild anti-depressant, and seems to immediately give people the mental lift they need.

As a room spray, it is fabulous. Takes the edge of those unwanted odors in your home. I spray it on our pillow at night and its’ nervine properties help with sleep problems If you have a wild child or pet, just give them a spray, and everyone’s day could improve.

Only the best essential oils are used, and there are no preservatives or chemicals in my products. So, they do have a shelf life of approximately one year. By then, you’ll want more anyway.

Goldpetals grows and sells calendula based skin and aromatherapy products. Botanical oils, salves, creams and lavender sprays are are specialties.

Calendula Officinialis has been used for hundreds of years to heal damaged skin. We grow the flowers, and make magic.