Lavender Eye Mask

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Lavender Eye Mask

My hand made eye masks come in many prints. I hope you enjoy the fresh scent of lavender in these wonderful masks. Gift of peace

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Is your high stress life giving you migraines and tension headaches?

Do you spend long hours in front of a computer? Do you read a lot? If so then you will love how our lavender eye mask or pillow that soothes your tired achy eyes.

Achieve a deeper nights sleep, relieve stress, nervous tension and insomnia with our lavender eye mask or pillow. Each one is filled with lavender buds and flax seed. The lavenders buds have a soothing subtle pleasant aroma that is sooo - relaxing. Within minutes you drift into deep sleep. The flax seed gives the eye mask or pillow some weight that puts gentle pressure to acupressure points surrounding the eyes to relieve tension and calm active muscles while blocking out the light.

The fabric is soft and cooling while the shape of the mask or pillow contours to your face. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eye mask or pillow is a luxurious way to do windows!

Does the eye pillow end up on the floor? Yes - but, it was there when you need it. It is a great gift idea! Every one needs (and deserves) to relax and rejuvenate. Great for Yoga!