Lavender Flowers ~ Dried ~ Organic

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Lavender Flowers ~ Dried ~ Organic

Sachets, potpourri, tinctures, spritzes, soaps, salves, cosmetics, aromatherapy, cooking, baking and a host of other uses.

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You'll love the wonderful fragrance of these organic dried Lavender flowers! Excellent for baking or cooking, sachets, potpourri, tinctures, spritzes, soaps, salves, cosmetics, aromatherapy and a host of other uses.

This offer is for 3/4 cup, just over 1/2 ounce, of clean (almost no stems/leaves), very AROMATIC dried organic Lavender Flowers.

The picture is of one of the organic lavender plants these flowers came from. We hand gather, sort, clean and process all of our lavender - as well as use it in our own health and beauty aids.

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Our community is in a remote area along the Columbia River where most of the property is 20 natural acres or more and all of the producers are small family operations.

Most of us qualify to become Certified Organic, and a few sell enough products outside the area to be able to actually afford the annual fees. There IS a difference in the quality of life for those who have been long time organic growers!

We look forward to sharing our bounty with you and hope you visit us often...

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