Lavender: From Soil to Sachet

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Lavender: From Soil to Sachet

Dream of growing lavender for profit? Learn how with this six-unit online course designed for backyard and small-scale farming.

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Learn how we SOLD OUT our entire crop! You, too, will be successfully growing lavender after taking this class. We've just launched an updated course that is completely self-paced. Access all lessons, on demand. No set class time! Whenever you're ready to move on to the next lesson, it's there waiting for you!

After teaching more than 550 students around the world, we discovered many students didn't need the one-on-one attention each week that Susan offered. So we set up the class with two options. It's still the same class that earned Susan a 99% top rating as an instructor on anonymous Course Evaluations. One option simply includes additional one-on-one coaching.

Growing this ancient herb of love and devotion can be fun and profitable, even in your own backyard. From aromatherapy to culinary delights, from medicinal treatments to housekeeping tips, the versatility of this herb is unrivaled. Contact us for a free preview with course syllabus.

Susan takes students through a year of lavender, discussing all they need to know to successfully grow this fragrant herb. More than 200 students have enjoyed her half-day course through local community colleges. She is pleased to offer an expanded online version especially suited for the small acreage farm. Whether you are interested in growing lavender for profit or just for fun, this class is guaranteed to provide practical solutions.

The fresh lavender harvest begins soon! We ship a limited quantity of fresh lavender bundles across the U.S.