Lavender lilac angora yarn FOUR PACK

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Lavender lilac angora yarn FOUR PACK

FOUR Skeins of pure angora rabbit fur yarn, hand-dyed to soft shades of lilac. Each skein is double ply, and yields about 35 yds.

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You are purchasing FOUR SKEINS of super soft 100% angora rabbit fur yarn that is hand dyed to lovely shades of lavender. Each skein yields approximately 35 yards of a lightweight double ply angora yarn that gets fuzzier as you work. This angora yarn has the unique texture and quality only possible with genuine handspun. This l angora yarn is a popular favorite and we carry and sell it often. It has been dyed to a soft shade of lavender. Be sure to order enough angora yarn for your project to maintain consistency.

This exquisite angora yarn comes from the prize winning herd of Bloomingdale Farm Angoras. Our German and French angora rabbits are carefully selected for fiber texture and softness.

Angora rabbits must have haircuts several times a year to ensure their good health. Angoras can develop intestinal hairballs that are potentially fatal, if they are not trimmed regularly. Thus to stay healthy, they need the hair trimmed or shorn. This does not hurt them anymore than your haircut hurts you.