Lavender Mist

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Lavender Mist

Lavender Mist make your life much more pleasant and happy....

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Our LAVENDER WATER SPRAY is distilled water and lavender essential oil which can be used in hundreds of ways to impart the lovely and relaxing fragrance of lavender in your home, on your person, on your pets and even on your plants. Lavender Water Spray is packaged in a 8 ounce spray bottle to make it convenient for you to use. Keep one with your iron, one with your cleaning products, and one in your car. Here are only a few of the ways to use Lavender Spray:

Spray it on linens such as when you iron pillowcases. Or just spray it on your pillow a few minutes before retiring. Use it in a baby's room as a room deodorizer and to help that little one relax for sleep. Spray on houseplants to prevent and manage insect infestations. Spray on your pets to help them avoid fleas and ticks. Use on skin irritations of bites and rashes. Spray on bathroom tile to prevent mildew.