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I currently work full time on our 30 acre farm. We raise ALL of our animals free range, which include boer meat goats, broiler chickens, laying chickens and ducks, and turkeys.

We raise boer goats which are a specific breed of meat goat. We have 100 breeding does, 3 bucks and 85 kids. All of our goats are on fresh pasture and supplemental protein and mineral feed.

Our broiler chickens are raised free range. They are allowed to roam the farm and pastures and actually know to go into their shelter at night for safety.

Our turkeys are also completely free range. The only issue with the turkeys is that they roost on my deck at night!

Our laying hens and laying ducks also roam the farm and keep our pastures clean. The meat ducks roam the farm and like to play in the childrens' swimming pools we have set up for them.

We have now added free range pork and beef to our farm! All pastured with protein supplement and no growth hormones or antibiotics!!

Listing last updated on Oct 19, 2010

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You can buy our products including packaged goat meat at the Des Moines Farmers' Market every Saturday through October 2010

Schedule and Location:

State Center Farmers Market : Fridays from 5-7:30 pm through October, 2010

Des Moines Farmers Market: Saturdays from 7-Noon through October, 2010

IOWA FOOD COOP - Monthly distributions!!

Schedule and Location:

By appointment, I can deliver in Marshall, Story and Polk counties

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